Thursday, July 12, 2012

Changes @ Fantasmo HQ

Hey Superfans!
For those of you not at our FantaSci event, there are some major changes happening at Fantasmo.  This half of Team Fantasmo will be departing the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Commonwealth of Kentucky to take on a library director position.  It's been an amazing 7+ years and I want you all to know how much I've appreciated the support you've shown the program.  We've watched almost 200 films together, some incredible (Can't Stop the Music), some not so incredible (The Ice Pirates), and some bafflingly awful (The Apple).  Regardless of the entertainment value of whatever was on screen, you made watching them fun and I'll certainly miss it!

Despite my departure, the other half of Team Fantasmo is committed to keeping things going!  So fear not, there are plenty more movies to be enjoyed or suffered through (depending on your point of view)!  I will also keep up the blog with updates on the shows and reviews of all things Fantasmo.  So keep watching here for the latest and greatest news.

On a related note my partner on 1 Great Movie, Original Superfan Tony Mercer, is going to keep that running as well.  Our first outing went really well, so hopefully it can continue.  We had hoped to have one more with both of us on hand this week, but alas the schedule didn't cooperate.  As soon as the next one is set, I will put the details up here on the blog.

So that's all for now.  Again thank you all for a wonderful 7 years, and rest assured I will be back to visit!  My only request is that Gymkata be screened in my honor every time I come to Virginia . . . is that really so much to ask :  )