Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Galacticon Returns!

This just in! Galacticon, the sci-fi convention organized by the Tidewater Alliance and Virginia Beach Public Library, is scheduled for Saturday, March 31st from 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. A full day of panels and programs, as well as local fan groups and vendors awaits! If you like sci-fi and fantasy, particularly Star Wars and Star Trek, you definitely want to check it out!


JeffConn said...

Geez. Glad you were able to find out about this. Besides your post, I can't find out anything about this year's Galacticon. Have any of the con staff heard about the 'net? Get with the program, guys.

Sitting Duck said...

Is there a web site with more details? Google only led me to sites about previous Galacticons (as well as this blog entry). I also went to the Virginia Beach Public Library web site but came up empty.

Jim Blanton said...

I don't believe there is an official site for the event, although I'm checking with them to find out. There is a bit of additional information at The Tidewater Alliance site: www.thetidewateralliance.net.

Michelle said...

You more than likely will not find any information out by looking on the VBPL site as the event is not sponsored by them - just held at their library. I did some searching myself and came up with a Facebook page, but there is next to no information there. Here is the site:

Galacticon - Facebook

I did also find their "official" website, which is actually part of the Tidewater Alliance. The information was from the last event I believe.


Hope this helps!


Stephen Monteith said...

Michelle, the Galacticon "website" must be from a previous year. They list the date as "Saturday, March 27th", but the 27th this year is a Tuesday.

I plan on contacting them to find out more (and maybe make a few suggestions). I have a (very) small business of my own and would like to be a vendor at this and future conventions. If anyone knows who to contact about that, then I'd appreciate knowing.