Monday, September 19, 2011

Monster Fest 8!

Hey Superfans!

It's that time again, time once more for our annual Monster Fest convention, an all-day celebration of horror films and literature! We have what may be our best lineup yet this year, with a full day of programs, a full house of special guests, and a full evening of classic horror films. Best of all, the event is 100% free! The event takes place on Saturday, October 1st, starting at 9:00 a.m. here at Chesapeake Central Library (298 Cedar Road, 23322). Our full schedule for the day is as follows:

9:00 a.m.: Classic Horror Movie Trailers

10:00 a.m.: Ghostly Apparitions: Seeing Is Believing - Presented by: Lee Anne Ball, Angela Ghataora, and Laura Carr Griffith from Spirited History Radio

10:00 a.m.: Can Good, Scary Literature Translate to Film and Television Successfully? - Presented by: Pamela K. Kinney, Elizabeth Blue, Jim Bernheimer, Debbie Painter, and Tony Ruggerio

11:00 a.m.: "Hi There, Horror Movie Fans": Documentary Film on The Bowman Body - Presented by: Sean Kotz and The Bowman Body

11:00 a.m.: Writing Scary Stuff - Presented by Tony Ruggiero, Jim Bernheimer, Elizabeth Blue, Teresa Bane, and Pamela K. Kinney

12:00 p.m.: Torres Vs. Zombies: Tips on Surviving a Zombie Attack - Presented by Alfredo Torres

1:00 p.m.: Horror Costume Contest (all ages welcome)

2:00 p.m.: Special Preview of Dr. Madblood's Halloween Hijinks Show - Presented by Dr. Madblood

2:00 p.m.: The Human in the Monster - Presented by: Tony Ruggiero and Elizabeth Blue

3:00 p.m.: Super 8 Horrors: Early Video Horrors of Yesteryear! - Presented by: Craig T. Adams

3:00 p.m.: The Lesser Known, But Equally Frightening Films of Bela Lugosi - Presented by Debbie Painter

3:00 p.m.: Beyond Godzilla: More Beasts from the East - Presented by: Tony Mercer, Lee Hansen, and Chris Johnson

5:00 p.m.: Library Closes

7:00 p.m.: Library Reopens for Fantasmo Horrorthon - Movies begin at 8:00 p.m.

Movie Schedule:

Big Movie #1: House of Dracula

Big Movie #2: Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack

Big Movie #3: Jeepers Creepers

Big Movie #4: Fright Night (The Original!)

So there you have it Superfans, another amazing Monster Fest lineup! For even more info be sure to visit the official site at: See you there!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fantasmo: The App!

Just a quick heads up about the link and QR code over on the right side of the blog. For those of you iPhone users out there, there's a nifty new app called Bloapp which essentially converts blogs to apps. Just download the Bloapp app to your iPhone, scan the QR code, and presto you have the Fantasmo app! Great for those of you who need to have ready access to the latest Fantasmo info 24 hours a day (and really isn't that all of us : )