Friday, March 4, 2011

Williamsburg Film Festival

It's time once again for the annual Williamsburg Film Festival, celebrating classic Hollywood films. If you've been around Fantasmo for a while you'll know Rob and I have a soft spot for this event, as several of its guests over the years have participated in Fantasmo episodes (including Friday the 13th star Betsy Palmer and Empire of the Ants heroine Jaqueline Scott). This year they have a great lineup of guests coming in for the event, and of course film screenings and panel discussions. You'll also likely see your Team Fantasmo roaming about, so of course that's an added draw of major proportions : ) Last year we actually held a Fantasmo screening of House of Wax at the festival with leading man Paul Picerni in attendance. It was a lot of fun hearing stories about stars of that era (including Charles Bronson and Vincent Price), and that's always one of the highlights of the festival.

If you can make it the big show is next week, running from March 9-12 at the Holiday Inn Patriot Convention Center. Hope to see you there!

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