Thursday, September 23, 2010

Steven Seagal is Lawman Season 2!

Things have been fairly quiet on the Seagal front up until the past month or so, and I haven't written on the subject in quite some time. The peace was officially broken on Labor Day weekend with the release of Machete, marking Seagal's return to the big screen (in a villainous turn no less). Sadly, while the film debuted to decent business, it disappeared out of the top 10 pretty quickly (and is barely still in theaters). Sadder still is that I haven't had a chance to see it, and likely won't until it hits home video.

My spirits were brightened on Tuesday of this week however, when I discovered that the second season of Lawman was posted on Itunes. Right now you can download an extended preview clip which is pretty dramatic, easily rivaling the most intense moments of season one. Honestly I was a little surprised that season two came to be, as the first outing had only so-so ratings. Either way I'm happy to see round two for Chief Seagal and his brigade.

This spike in Seagalogical activity prompted me to investigate what else he has coming up, and that led to an even more fascinating discovery. First off in October his next DTV (direct-to-video) feature Born To Raise Hell is scheduled for release. It looks like one of his standard revenge vehicles, but with DTV you just never know what crazy surprises to expect (especially when it comes to Seagal). The real mindblower though is that he has a TV series coming out in 2011 called Southern Justice!! I know nothing other than that at this point, save for it is listed as having 13 episodes and his character name is Elijah Kane (classic). Over on Wikipedia it also claims he has a movie (presumably DTV) coming out in 2011 that is directed by Dolph Lundgren!! Hope Dolph co-stars as well, but either way an exciting prospect.

Now if he would only put out a new album, and finally(!) release the third flavor of his Lightning Bolt energy drink, the long-rumored Root Beer Rush! Still this is pretty satisfying news all around.


Fantasmo All Star Craig said...

Seems like Season 2 will have a lot more action than season 1 did...and the ending where he was demonstrating sword technique was awesome!!!

Jim Blanton said...

It definitely started off with a bang! The car accident situation was particularly intense. What surprised me most was that he started pulling people out of the SUV . . . seems a little dangerous moving trauma victims like that. And of course his kicking out of the window prior to the arrival of the jaws of life was classic Seagal.

Between the swordplay and recent sushi restaurant visit, it's clear he's ramping up that aspect of his persona. I could've sworn I heard him say in the sushi episode that he was "raised in Japan." I thought he was from Michigan.