Friday, September 24, 2010

The 7 Days of Monster Fest - Day #1: The Lost Skeleton Returns Again

Continuing a tradition I started here on the blog last year, today I begin the countdown to Monster Fest by highlighting 7 cool things that will be taking place. Not content to kick things off lightly, the first item in the spotlight is The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. Some of you may remember a few years back at Monster Fest we screened the mega-cult hit The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, hosted by its special effects creator Cortney Skinner. Well flash forward to present day and it has now spawned a sequel! For the uninitiated Lost Skeleton is a loving tribute to the sci-fi/horror films of the 50's, with a generous dose of tongue-in-cheek humor thrown in. Cortney will be on hand during the day to talk about his involvement with the sequel, and A Dark and Stormy Night which was produced by the same team. He has also graciously agreed to kick off our evening Fantasmo by introducing a special screening of The Lost Skeleton Returns Again. How cool is that?!?

So there is your day #1 highlight, stay tuned for more amazing Monster Fest happenings over the next week!

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