Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toxie Invades the Byrd!

Once again in conjunction with Horror Hound magazine the historic Byrd Theatre in Richmond will be screening another classic on October 9th at midnight. Past shows have included Zombie, Demons, and Dark Night of the Scarecrow. For this latest installment they have selected Troma's greatest contribution to the history of cinema in the form of the original Toxic Avenger. Toxie was a cult cinema icon in the 80's, spawning a whole franchise complete with a toy line, Saturday morning cartoon, and video games. Make no mistake like any other Troma property Toxic Avenger is a cheap production, but it has a great deal of wit and energy. As a result it ends up being much more entertaining/tolerable than many Troma outings. That's the beauty of Troma though, there are always those gems mixed in with everything else : )

In any event it should be a lot of fun to see The Toxic Avenger in such a prestigious venue. I saw 1-3 in the theater back in the day at our local art house cinema, and they definitely work best with an audience!

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