Monday, June 14, 2010

Drive-In Super Monster-Rama

Hey Superfans!

You may recall last year we told you about a cool event taking place up in Pennsylvania called the Drive-In Super Monster-Rama. A Team Fantasmo delegation went up for the two-night event that featured a line-up of really cool classic horror films. Well this year's lineup has been revealed and it's a pretty eclectic mix, featuring horror comedies, 70's schlock, and great Hammer movies. If you miss the old drive-in experience this is a great event . . . plus it's just minutes away from the mall where Romero shot the original Dawn of the Dead (a fact the mall plays up big time). Of all the titles they're screening this time around, the most intriguing is The Incredible Melting Man. Having seen this a few times over the years I can tell you it's not a great movie - but it is a great drive-in movie. I can't imagine what this must look like on the big screen. A perfect close to the first evening I would say : )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug! This year should be a blast!

George Reis

Jim Blanton said...

Hey George,
Happy to get the word out, you put on a stellar event! Wish we had the Riverside Drive-In here in Virginia : )

Best, Jim

Daniel said...

The Incredible Melting Man on the big screen!! Holy smokes! That is just insane to my ears. are right it isnt a great film by any stretch but it would be a blast at a drive-in. Much more enjoyable than in my living room.

Jim Blanton said...

It's all about the spectacle of the thing : ) And I have to say one of the most sublime moviegoing experiences I've ever had was at last year's Monster-Rama, eating a deep fried Oreo and watching Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires at 1:00 in the morning under the open sky!

Fantasmo All Star Craig said...

Did you ever imagine as a child that you would ever in your life type the words that makeup your last phrase???

Jim Blanton said...

No sir - and I may live to eat those words (and another deep fried Oreo)!

Interestingly a friend of mine saw Melting Man in the theater at age 7and it had a profound impact. Specifically it freaked him out. I saw it in my 20's and a year or so ago. It's not a good movie, and I was not impacted - but still the idea of it on the big screen is intriguing!!