Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Worst Movie = Troll 2

I mentioned this at Fantasmo, but had to share it again for any who may have missed it. As those of you who attended our 5th Annual Schlock-O-Thon well know, Troll 2 may be perhaps the most outrageous film we've ever had the pleasure of viewing . . . and that's really saying something considering we have shown both The Apple and Can't Stop the Music. While those are both pretty outrageous, they can't match the constant barrage of the unexpected that is provided by Troll 2. Apparently a lot of other folks have picked up on this as well, as Troll 2 has become something of a midnight show phenomenon over the past several years. This prompted one of the stars to produce a documentary called Best Worst Movie to uncover the rediscovery of the film by a new generation (the intended generation never actually discovered it).

Needless to say I can hardly wait to see this - the trailer looks incredible (just click on the poster to check it out)! The fellow who played the father is now a dentist, and looks to be the star of the show (his performance in Troll 2 was certainly memorable). There's a fun review of the film over at DVD Talk that gives an idea of what to expect. Most fascinating is that it sounds like the film was meant to be a covert statement against vegetarianism (remember the young hero defeats the monsters with a bologna sandwich)! Absolutely fascinating.


Kim said...

That trailer was awesome. Who knew we were all participating in such a phenomenon? I must say, the pain was real, but so were the laughter and the tears!

Jim Blanton said...

Honestly in all my years of movie viewing Troll 2 definitely represents a special moment (which is really saying something : ) It is a rare breed.