Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: Steven Seagal Lawman

Well I have just experienced the first episode of Steven Seagal Lawman, and have to say it lived up to all expectations (which were running pretty high). The show played it pretty straight, and presented Seagal as a solid contributor to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Dept. As he stated in the promo it was "for real." For anyone who has ever seen an episode of COPS, that is pretty much the set up for Lawman. We follow Seagal and his partner on several calls to everything from carjacking to domestic violence . . . and it is definitely real. As with the long-running Fox show it gives you an appreciation of what these brave folks endure on a regular basis. That having been said, Lawman definitely has a distinctly Seagalian flavor as one would hope. There are some trademark outrageous (yet cool) moments that distinguish this as a Steven Seagal enterprise through and through. Here are some highlights I noted:

1 - Kicking off the opening credits sequence Seagal has a voiceover giving some background on his participation with the Dept. What I love is that he says "my name is Steven Seagal . . . that's right Steven Seagal." It's just a great tough guy line and announces Lawman as a show to be reckoned with.

2 - During the opening chase to nab a carjacker Seagal has this voiceover where he explains that "as a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts," he is "trained to stay calm in the face of danger." He actually uses that "lifelong practitioner" statement several times in various contexts, and it never gets old. In any case, it's like in the middle of this chase the show goes into a Zen moment which is very cool.

3 - Still in the midst of the carjacker chase, Seagal starts yelling directions to his partner who is driving. The partner then says "Steve let me drive!" Seagal responds by saying "just telling you where the holes are." It's an interesting moment that reveals these two have a regular relationship, and that the other cops don't just bow down to Seagal because he's famous. I liked that they left this in, as it shows they aren't just sugarcoating to maintain a perfect image for Seagal.

4 - After catching the carjacker, Seagal pulls a hockey mask out of the perp's back pocket and says it "looks like Jason." Who knew Seagal was a Friday the 13th fan?!? Pure gold.

5 - Shifting from the following a patrol type format, the show has a parallel track in which Seagal is trying to help a trainee pass his firearms test. If he fails he'll be consigned to desk duty. Before we see Seagal actually training the guy on the range, he states that he's "trying to pass along secrets that have made him a master shooter." Let's just say he is more than able to back this up. Seagal demonstrates a stunning level of ability with a pistol, that is just shy of magical. He puts several bullets in the same initial hole on a target, and even is able to hit Q-tips and a match. Believe me it's pretty wild stuff. While the trainee just squeaks by with a passing score, I'm still very impressed with Seagal's ability.

6 - When the show shifts back into patrol mode, Seagal goes into more depth about the aikido philosophy as applied to the job of a policeman. He sees the patrolling of neighborhoods as their effort in "trying to take away the bad guys and restore harmony." He also emphasizes that he always tries to solve problems first with humor and kindness. This may sound corny, but it does add another layer to the show that is pure Seagal. And you have to like the guy for espousing these standards (which he displays when bouncing a drunken fellow from a local bar, then chatting and signing autographs for the folks on the scene). I just kept waiting for some version of the On Deadly Ground "essence of a man" speech to come out . . . maybe in later episodes.

7 - Perhaps the most outrageous moment of the show is what I am going to refer to as "Seagal Vision" from henceforth. Seagal gives a voiceover early on in which he states his martial arts training allows him to derive information from environmental cues. For example a cocked head on a perp might indicate that he is about to flee. After this setup there are several instances where Seagal will spot something unusual (e.g. an open door, certain movements) and the screen will zoom in and go into a sort of X-ray mode, indicating Seagal's special martial arts vision. It's almost like the Predator, but not quite as technologically advanced. No matter how you slice it, the effect is absolutely ridiculous yet completely awesome!

8 - Finally I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Seagal retains (mostly) his adopted Cajun accent for the show. There are a few times, largely during the training segment where he seems most natural, sounding more like Nico Toscani than Jacob King . . . so the Seagal we knew from the old days is still there. I suspect the accent comes from hanging around with the folks he's working with. This actually explains a lot, as it is sort of natural to fall into picking up an accent after you've spent a great deal of time in a different region of the country. Either way it still adds some serious entertainment value.

In summary, Lawman is off to a fantastic start and I can't wait to see future episodes. Pictured above is a special limited edition set you can get with the episodes "The Way of the Gun" and "The Deadly Hand," as well as some other fun goodies (including that nifty bulletproof vest . . . like he needs such a thing)! That and an online Lawman game can be found over at the A&E official site even as I write this. Truly superior!


fantasmo all star Craig said...

Perhaps the most impressive part of the show tonight in my eyes was after they popped the kid with the gun, and he's in the car, you see the crowd of other gangstas start walking up on them. That was totally real, and when the Sgt said "I was waiting for them to pop him in the car" shows just how serious that neighborhood is. Those other suspicious persons showed absolutely no fear of the police.

And that's a point that I think a lot of people will miss. Regardless of how he may have been deputized, regardless of who thinks this is a stunt, the simple fact remains that HE HAS BEEN DOING REAL POLICE WORK FOR 20 YEARS!!! HE doesn't need the money, and it has never been mentioned before now- he is risking his life for real. What other movie star can say that?

His pistol skills were outrageous!!! I will try to adopt his Zen shooting philosophy when I go to qualify with my off duty weapons in a few weeks...and I am running a tactical course on Dec 2 (not a coincidence, either)...

Finally, I noticed the Seagal vision clips, but teh first thing that sprang to mind was PsychVision- any other fans of that show will know exactly what I mean.

And yes Jim, I ordered the set tonight!!!

Jim Blanton said...

Yeah, I was extremely impressed with the reality of the situation. It was certainly not played for show, and that scene you mention was very intense.

On the pistol skills that was truly unbelievable. I know he gets made sport of quite a bit for various things, but the man is certainly an expert with a firearm. Spooky good.

Congrats on the set order, I expect to be following your lead shortly!