Thursday, October 8, 2009

The 7 Days of Monster Fest - Days Five & Six: Godzilla!

I know what you're thinking, no post yesterday. Well the fact of the matter is that this post is just TOO BIG for one day! This weekend Fantasmo All-Star and The Original Superfan Tony Mercer will be on hand to give a presentation on the History of Godzilla in Film. Those of you who have been coming to Fantasmo and Monster Fest for a while now have seen Tony (pictured above in an exciting action pose) deliver fascinating talks on everything from Euro horror director Mario Bava to the history of Hammer Studios. His encyclopedic knowledge of the horror genre knows few equals, and attendees can vouch for the fact that one comes away from his lectures with a wealth of information . . . and possibly even smarter (although we haven't conducted a scientific study on this as of yet). Either way you can bet that the presentation will be captivating, and time well spent.

As mentioned Tony's lecture this year will be on everyone's favorite atomic age monster Godzilla! This famous lizard(?) creature with the fiery breath has entertained monster fans for many decades, and Tony will talk about the many highs and lows Godzilla has experienced. This will provide nothing less than a road map for viewing, allowing you to avoid the weak entries if you so choose . . . or at least know what you're getting into : ) The action starts at 3:30 on Saturday!


Kim said...

Where might one procure a Tony Mercer excitingly posed action figure?

Jim Blanton said...

Good question. I think someone does need to pick that market demand up and run with it . . . just so long as the figure includes kung-fu grip and a disc-firing helmet!