Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The 7 Days of Monster Fest - Day Four: Dr. Madblood!

It wouldn't be Monster Fest without the presence of Dr. Madblood and members of his team, and I'm ecstatic that he and several others will be on hand as always to meet and greet visitors . . . not to mention shoot footage for his show (so if you're a shameless publicity hound like Team Fantasmo you'll definitely want to wander into camera shot : ) Team Madblood has supported FantaSci and Monster Fest from the beginning, and are certainly THE genre icons of our local area! If you've grown up on the Doctor's roasting of horror classics (and not so classics) you don't want to miss this opportunity to chat with him, and revisit some classic Madblood moments from the past. To that end, longtime cast member Craig T. Adams will be hosting a very special presentation of a vintage Madblood episode on our big screen . . . the way it was never meant to be seen (but we love the opportunity to do so : ) The fun starts at high noon on Satruday!

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