Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The 7 Days of Monster Fest - Day 7: Thank You!

Hey Superfans!

Sorry for the endless delay in updating the blog here, it’s been a busy couple of weeks following the Monster Fest marathon : ) So Day 7 of Monster Fest finally arrives in the form of mine and Rob’s tremendous thanks to all of the folks who made this year’s event a screaming success! We had a wonderful contingent of authors, artists, organizations, and vendors turn out and interact with an enthusiastic crowd. Special thanks go out to those guests who came and presented a fantastic lineup of programs including panel discussions on supernatural literature and Godzilla, film screenings, a special Madblood event, tributes to Forrest J. Ackerman and Saturday morning cartoons of the 60’s, and so much more! And major kudos to Brian and Marie Bridgeforth for again loaning their talents to designing the Monster Fest web site . . . truly awesome. Finally our greatest thanks to all of you who came out once again to support and share your love of all things horror (especially those of you who came dressed for the costume contest : ) Your continued interest makes Monster Fest the thriving program it has become, and we couldn’t do it without you!

In my downtime following Monster Fest I’ve been engaged in my annual home horror movie marathon, and have seen some great films over the past few weeks. I usually do a combo of old favorites and titles I have yet to see (new and old). All of course in preparation for the big finale on Halloween! In that vein I thought I’d give you a top 10 of some of the best of the bunch you might want to give a look:

1 – The House of Usher (1960) – Vincent Price in a well-mounted Roger Corman film. Greatness.

2 – The Objective (2008) – Wild horror film set in the early years of the Afghanistan conflict. From one of the minds behind The Blair Witch Project (I’ll be blogging about those two guys prior to Halloween).

3 – Phantasm II (1988) – Finally(!) released on DVD, the first and best of the Phantasm sequels.

4 – Night of the Creeps (1986) – Also finally(!) released on DVD, this pristine new version features the director’s original ending . . . which includes even more Tom Atkins! If you haven’t seen this in a while, you’ll be surprised at what a terrific film it really is. Totally lives up to the fond memories.

5 – Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971) – This is one of those creepy, slow burn type of films that really get under your skin. Watch it with the lights off and you’ll definitely be looking over your shoulder.

6 – Drag Me to Hell (2009) – Everything they’ve been saying is true . . . Raimi’s back! The scene where they attempt to transfer the evil spirit to a goat is priceless.

7 – Beneath Still Waters (2007) – Spanish horror from Re-Animator veteran Brian Yuzna. A little uneven at times, but well worth checking out for a truly creepy premise.

8 – The Church (1989) – Italian horror movie in the vein of Demons, starring Highlander’s Hugh Quarshie and Asia Argento. Not particularly great, but does a good job at creating atmosphere. Worth checking out to see an early film from the director of Cemetery Man.

9 – Dead of Night (1977) – Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows) anthology film, scripted by I Am Legend author Richard Matheson. The first two stories are so-so, but the third one will cause you to miss a little sleep. Pretty wild stuff considering this was made-for-TV.

10 – Death Dream (1974) – Really weird spin on the monkey’s paw story from director Bob Clark (A Christmas Story). A Vietnam vet reported killed in action returns home, but he isn’t exactly the same. Low-budget affair, but the performances make it all work. Well worth your time.

As I mentioned in #2, I will be doing a pre-Halloween post on Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, co-creators of The Blair Witch Project. While they haven’t ever reached the pop culture high of their freshman film, these two have put out consistently interesting horror entries since their big splash a decade ago. In the meantime, hope you enjoy scouting out these 10 very interesting Halloween treats!

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