Monday, July 20, 2009

Drive-In Super Monster-Rama

Hey Superfans!

For those of you who made it out to our Vincent Price night on Friday, you may recall Rob mentioning a fantastic drive-in festival happening in PA in September. As promised here is the info on that. The event is on September 11 & 12, and features two full nights of non-stop horror. We’re really excited about Saturday as it is pure Hammer . . . including the wild Shaw Bros./Hammer collaboration The 7 Brothers Meet Dracula. Kung-fu meets Peter Cushing on the big screen! It looks to be an unforgettable event and you can find out all about it here:


George Reis said...

Thanks for the plug Jim! I hope you can make it!

Jim Blanton said...

Hi George,
Happy to plug such an outstanding event . . . wish it were held every month : ) We are shooting to be there for both nights, can't wait to see Vampire Circus!!