Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Envy Report: Dolph Lundgren Fest

Yet another cool cinema (this time in L.A.) doing an amazing fest. Yep, coming up in just a few days is the Dolph Lundgren Fest titled appropriately "I Must Break You." Actually I just watched (and will shortly review) his "lost film" Retrograde the other night, which they are giving away to a "lucky 30 attendees." Now while I love Dolph's work (perhaps second only to Seagal), I would not characterize Retrograde as his finest hour, nor those 30 recipients as particularly "lucky." They are lucky however to be seeing five totally awesome Dolph films in 35mm!! I think I would have traded Masters of the Universe or Showdown in Little Tokyo in place of Red Scorpion, but it's still a great lineup . . . and a great prelude to his big screen return this summer in Stallone's The Expendables. In the meantime, I wonder how cheap airfare is to Los Angeles right now : )

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