Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Envy Report: Cinerama 70mm Festival

Last month you may recall I blogged about Fantasmo's doppelganger Retrofantasma in North Carolina, and my envy of Durham for having such a cool film program in their midst. Well this month my envy is focused on the return of Seattle's Cinerama as they host another edition of their 70mm film festival. You may recall I brought this up last year when they were screening 70mm prints of 2001 and TRON. Basically 70mm in brief was something like IMAX before IMAX existed. Most prints you would see at a traditional theatre were 35mm, so 70mm provided a much higher resolution image as a result of its greater size. I was fortunate to actually catch Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade in 70mm at the Cinerama a few years back on a random trip to Seattle and it was amazing!

This year, as you can see from the ad, they have a pretty interesting mix. T2, The Untouchables, and Gremlins. I have to say that Gremlins is the most intriguing of these, as it was such a big deal back in the day. Would love to see this one writ large at the Cinerama . . . maybe we'll have to show it as one of our holiday films at our next December show! Anyhow, if you find yourself in Seattle on the referenced dates above I highly recommend checking these out : )


Hi, my name is Judy. said...

We used to live there - Good to know when we move back there will be a fun film group to visit.

Hi, my name is Judy. said...

At the Zombie fest you asked for movie suggestions.
My favorite really bad B movie is "SSSSSSS" starring Dirk Benedict. It may not be bad/good enough for your taste, but I like it.
Also, I was just watching Sci Fi instead of cleaning and Bruce Campbell was on. Have you done a Bruce Campbell series?
We hope to see you at another film soon. We were out of town for the last one.

Jim Blanton said...

Hi Judy,
Great to hear from you! We hold the program at least once a month (sometimes more for special occasions), and try to do it on the first Friday (although lately that's been pretty difficult to work out : )

SSSSSS is an excellent film, and one we've come very close to showing . . . you just reminded me that we need to have that on hand for our anniversary show in April! We haven't done a Bruce Campbell night yet, but rest assured we've discussed it and one will be coming.