Friday, January 30, 2009

The House Between 3.0

Today is a big day in Fantasmoland not only because of our forthcoming tribute to foreign zombies, but also because it marks the premiere of the third (and final) season of The House Between. Fantasmo regulars know the story already, but in brief this is an online sci-fi/horror series in which Rob, myself, and several other Fantasmo folks participated in for writer/director John Kenneth Muir. John proposed the series to us when he was here to speak at our Fantasmo celebrating John Carpenter, and being none the wiser as to the rigors of independent film production we readily said yes : )

It was a labor of love for all involved, and it’s a little bittersweet as this marks the final run of the series. For those following it so far, I think you’ll really enjoy the third round. It’s easily the best yet. If you’re new to the show you can catch all the old episodes and the new at several locations. The easiest place to look though is The House Between official site at: You can also read production diaries and see other info at the blogs run by John and Joe Maddrey (linked on the right side of this page). Oh, and you don’t want to miss this if for no other reason in that Rob and I actually appear on screen in at least two episodes together (a THB first)!

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