Sunday, December 7, 2008

19 Horror Greats

One thing I always enjoy checking out are "best of" lists, especially with regard to the world of horror filmdom. One can often find overlooked gems when comparing notes with others, and it's a great jumping off point for some fun debate. Team Klaxar member George Booker has compiled a very interesting list of top horror pics over at No Ripcord (, including a few somewhat obscure titles that any self-respecting horror fan should really make a point to watch.

The one choice that I was extremely happy to see was the Ingmar Bergman film Hour of the Wolf. It's a tale about a writer's psychological meltdown that is brimming with horror elements, and makes for great late night viewing. In fact, several Bergman films contain horrific imagery and themes. For example, Wes Craven's shocker Last House on the Left is a retelling of Bergman's Virgin Spring! Makes you wonder if Hills Have Eyes or the Elm Street series have any parallels . . .

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