Monday, July 7, 2008

Countdown to Seagalogy!

Hey Superfans!

Only five short days separate us from what is sure to be the most talked about Fantasmo of the year (and possibly ever)! In preparation for this earth shattering event, each day I will be posting some sort of Seagal related review, trivia, or random insanity. Today I thought I would kick things off with a totally uncalled for bit of coolness I came across in recent weeks. It turns out in the early part of the decade a Segal action figure was released! I vaguely remember this being on shelves, and recall that I was rather uninterested at the time. In large part that was due to the fact that it came out at what was perhaps the lowest point of Seagal’s popularity (at least during the theatrical period). Perhaps that’s why the creators of the toy chose Above the Law's Nico Toscani as the character to immortalize. In selecting Toscani they were reminding us all of the glory days when Seagal’s box office reign began. Sure the obvious choice would have been the iconic Casey Ryback of the Under Siege films, but for my money Nico Toscani is far more interesting. You can still find these on Ebay from time to time. Lately they’ve been going for $25-$50, likely due to Seagal’s resurgence/return to greatness, not to mention the release of Seagalogy. Here’s hoping this might translate into a Gino Felino figure sometime in the near future!

Coming tomorrow: Competing plotlines in Today You Die + Under Siege 2 recipe contest!


Chris Johnson said...

I'd give real money for figures of Gino, Ritchie, and Bobby Lupo! Did you score one of the Nico figures yet?

Jim Blanton said...

Yeah, it would be great if they came in some sort of diorama set like they sometimes do with Star Wars figures and the like : )

I have yet to obtain a Nico figure, but I'm on the lookout!