Friday, July 11, 2008

Countdown to Seagalogy: Day 5

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I had to miss Day 4 of the Countdown to Seagalogy, but we’re back in business today. For this segment I thought I’d bring up an interesting factoid about Seagalian poster art. As Fantasmo All-Star Chris J. brought to my attention, many of the foreign release posters for Seagal films tend to be cooler than those we get here in the U.S. A couple of examples above are those for Executive Decision and Under Siege 2. In the case of Executive Decision the foreign poster features Seagal’s face, whereas the domestic one did not. Undeniably cooler. In the case of Under Siege 2, the studio released a poster of Seagal hanging off the train to imply more action I suppose. In my opinion the foreign release poster, which mimics the design of the original Under Siege poster, is preferable. Plenty of other examples out there as well if you’re interested in seeking them out. The foreign poster for Above the Law is also a standout (even changes the film’s name), and I highly recommend checking it out!

Just one day to go . . .


andy said...

I love your analysis of Steven Seagal films! I, too, have seen many of Seagal's DTV films, which ranged from O.K. to asinine. Long have I waited for someone to aggregate Seagal's brilliance into themes and "Seagalian" quirks. Thank you.

Jim Blanton said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying the analysis, and appreciate your kind comments. Exploring the world of Seagal has been a lot of fun, and the bizarre nature of his DTV films is really interesting (despite the often terrible end results).

He truly does stand apart from his DTV action brethren, although I'm finding elements of interest in the likes of Lundgren and Van Damme as well (can't wait to branch out into lesser lights like Thomas Ian Griffith, Olivier Gruner, Michael Dudikoff, etc.)!