Monday, September 10, 2007

Your Heroes Ladies & Gentlemen: Press & Fan Art

On occasion, Rob and I get some press coverage and Superfans like to have a bit of fun sending in pics and drawings. It's a shame for us to hoard all that, so I thought I'd share a few fun examples here on the blog . . . enjoy!
Rob and I got the cover of The Clipper for our first year anniversary Schlock-O-Thon in April '06! Misty water-colored memories . . . .

Here's a piece of fan photo fun taken at our April '07 All-Night Schlock-O-Thon. The reference to Sho Nuff, for those who weren't there, is to the 80's kung-fu/Motown flick The Last Dragon. Question: If Rob is Sho Nuff, does that mean I'm The Last Dragon . . . I like to think so! Second Question: What's with the UFO? A message perhaps?

Here's a recent fan art submission that "Simpsonized" Rob and I. Question: How did the anonymous artist know which one of us liked Itchy, and which liked Scratchy?


Da Weave said...

Congrats! Very cool. Is the article on-line?


Jim Blanton said...

Thanks! The article is online in the Pilot archives (article date March 21, 2006), along with all Clipper articles that have appeared on Fantasmo the past several years (BIG thanks to Eric Feber for his terrific writeups)!

You can see Eric's latest Fantasmo piece in this Friday's edition of The Clipper on our Smokey and the Bandit fest : )

Best, Jim

Joe said...

The Simpsons cartoon is brilliant!

Jim Blanton said...

Indeed - my only regret is that the artist didn't work Rainier Wolfcastle between me and Rob : )